We offer a full service property management system that includes: 

1. Helping you prepare your property for leasing

2. Listing your property for lease on the MLS and 20 other syndicates

3. Conducting Showings for Prospective Tenants

4. Performing backgrounds and screening for Prospective Tenants

5. Reviewing this information with you to approve the ideal candidate

6. Facilitate the lease for you and your tenant

7. Collect rent and security deposits and pet fees for you

8. Provide a property portal which is fully transparent to you and your tenant

9. Collect rent from tenant and coordinate work orders for maintenance on your property

10. Fulfill maintenance orders when requests are made from tenant

11. Conduct move-in, move-out and annual inspection.

12. We require all tenants to have our LHT Benefits package according to the type of property they are renting  -  please see attached. We require this as it helps with protecting your investment. 

13. Make owner distributions monthly as an ACH directly into your bank account each month.

 ....and so much more!


Our fees for managing your property is as follows:

100% of one months rent as a lease fee for listing your property on the MLS, securing a tenant and writing up the lease between you and your tenant. Ongoing is 8% of monthly rent to manage the property every month.

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